Havoc´s Cry by Loren Weaver


The only living Sorceress, Victoria Novak, finally earned a peaceful, normal life. But with one howl on a full moon, her whole life crashes back into paranormal chaos. The FBI show up to recruit her to the Federal Paranormal Division, the very first all paranormal police force and she can’t decline.
Tori must train a new team of special agents in paranormal etiquette in the middle of solving a crime that’s leaving ravaged bodies twisted into grotesque shapes. Caught in the middle of a werewolf fight for dominance, Tori can’t let personal emotion interfere with solving a crime. Until the crime becomes personal.
With her life spinning into chaos, the real question is how far is she willing to go to answer Havoc's



This book had me from the first page. It is compelling and such an action packed read you won´t be able o put it down. I was a little skeptic about the book because I was in a terrible reading slump before I started it. My reading slump was caused by a lot of really badly written books.
So when I read the first page and it glued me to my seat I was so happy.  

This is the first book I have read that was written by Loren Weaver. And let me tell you one thing. This author can write. I mean she writes in such a detailed way you can see every single room and place she is describing in this book and I love that. 
Not many authors can make this kind of descriptions fun and interesting. A lot of times it ends up boring and unnecessary but not the way she writes it.

I loved the main character. Victoria Novak ( Firetop ) who is such a strong and independent character. It is hard not to love a story when you have a character like her. She is serious in one moment, and the next she is so funny and sassy. The best part is that she is a fierce and strong Sorceress, ˝The Sorceress˝ as the members of the paranormal world refer to her ( her name Victoria Novak is a taboo and no one from the paranormal world can say it out loud ) . 
Victoria was raised in a vampire coven from when she was a baby. her coven master Leroy later made her kill for him. He made her kill other vampires and she did. That is why every paranormal is afraid of her. She escaped and she tried living normal life. Away from the magic and the paranormal. She even had a best friend. His name is Trey. 
But then one day when they were going through the woods things happened and she found out that Trey is a werewolf, and a strong one at that. He didn´t realize she is a sorceress until she told him. She was afraid she is going to lose her best friend but that didn´t happen.
Since paranormal world is a part of the ˝normal˝world in this story she got a visit from the  FPD ( Federal Paranormal Division ) who was in the process of getting started. They wanted to include her in their ranks and after a while she decided she would join them. 
With the other members of FPD and Trey she has to solve a series of murders that have struck the paranormal world. 

This is all I will say about the plot because I´m trying to keep it spoiler free and it is really hard because there is so much things about this book I wan´t to tell you .

This is a book that you really wont put down until you finish it. You will get to love all the characters because they are just so amazingly written. There are so many moments in this book that you will have to stop reading because it will make you laugh. To be honest, Victoria sort of reminds me of Charlie Bradbury from the TV show ˝Supernatural˝. That is how I pictured her while I was reading the book.
So guys trust me and go pick up this book and read it. I will leave you link to the paperback version form Amazon so you can buy it right away. I am definitely getting the paperback version because this is a book that I will definitely re-read in the future.


Happy reading bookworms!

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